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Our son Mason was born profoundly deaf. He received bilateral cochlear implants just after his first birthday. With barely any vocab at the age of one year, he has obtained so much within these short two years, we still are amazed each day! Mason is now 3.5 years old, and talks up a storm! He loves music and singing, being read to and having conversations with his family... something we questioned if he would ever be able to do. A huge part of his growth is from our GROD Family. The staff is beyond amazing not only educating and supporting our child but us as parents as well. He is now in his second school year with the grand rapids oral deaf program and look forward to the years to come!



Aubrey was born with a severe/profound hearing loss and was bilaterally aided at 7 months.  She started the program when she was just two years old.  Ms. Judy was our first teacher in the program and not only did she help Aubrey to understand and speak, she helped us, as her parents, learn the best ways to teach our child.  After three years in the program and wonderful teachers Aubrey graduated the program.  She now attends Rockford Public Schools and with the help of her consultant is not only keeping up with her peers but is reading and writing above grade level.  GROD will always hold a special place in our hearts for getting Aubrey where she is today.  


Truman was born profoundly deaf. When we learned of this, we were overwhelmed with the decisions we had to make. Thankfully, we found our way to GROD after lots of research. We moved to Kent county just so Truman could be in the GROD program and we are thankful every day for it! GROD has given Truman the tools he needs to listen & speak with his cochlear implants. They have also fostered a love of school and learning! GROD has also been a tremendous support for our family. We have never once regretted our decision to move and be a part of the GROD family!


Brooke was born with a severe/profound hearing loss.  She was aided at 7 months.  We began our journey with the GROD family when Brooke was only 2.  Ms. Judy took us under her wing and guided our family through a very tough time in our lives when we weren't sure what the future held for our little girl.  We will be forever grateful to her teachers, Ms. Jennie, Ms. Vicki and Ms. Karla.  Also for Mr. Jack for all his patience, advice, and many tests and audiograms.  Because of this program, Brooke is a very talkative, bright little girl!  She is almost 7 and is in kindergarten at Rockford Public Schools.  With the help of her consultant, Mrs. B, she is making gains each day.  She received her first cochlear implant this summer and though it has been difficult, we know with the support from the GROD program that the sky is the limit!!


Jacob was born with a profound hearing loss and at fifteen months old he received bilateral cochlear implants. After touring the school and learning more about the program, our family moved to Kent County so that Jacob could attend the GROD Program. Jacob began attending the school at age two and a half and at the time he was only putting two words together.  Jacob completed three years of preschool at the program’s center and was able to make so much progress that he has caught up to his hearing peers. He loves to listen to books, tell stories, sing, and talk, talk, talk! The GROD staff played an instrumental role in Jacob’s development as a listener and as a verbal child.  Jacob has now transitioned to his home district of Lowell Area Schools and greatly benefits from the support he receives from his GROD Teacher Consultant that works with him weekly to continue to support his education.

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