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Grand Rapids Oral Deaf 
Parent Teacher Organization

To learn more about how you can support the Oral Deaf Program, how to get involved in the PTO, or information about our family support opportunities and events contact:



                                       Grand Rapids Oral Deaf PTO                               

                                       North Oakview Elementary                                 

         4300 Costa Ave. NE              

  Grand Rapids, MI 49525 



 Kent ISD Oral Deaf Program
at North Oakview Elementary

To learn more specifics about the program , please contact:

Debra Burkhardt, Oral Deaf Program Coordinator                Joanne Platt, Oral Deaf Supervisor                                        

(616) 365-6170                                                                           (616) 365-6170

Isabel Romero, Oral Deaf Secretary

(616) 365-6170

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