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Student Education

Early Intervention

Early intervention services are provided to families in their home for students from birth to age 3.  Highly qualified staff partner with parents to guide and coach them in facilitating listening and spoken language for their child.  Using auditory verbal strategies and techniques, parents become their child's primary teacher throughout the daily routines of their lives.  For more information about early intervention, visit Kent ISD's website about services through Early On.


Children beginning at age 2.5 are provided with a continuum of service options within a school setting at North Oakview Elementary, a school that is a part of the Northview Public School system.  Half day programming four days per week is available for students ages from 2.5 years.  Programming decisions are made with the family in order to provide optimum benefit for the child.  Classroom staff develop an environment designed to provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere for developing a "listening attitude" for future learning.  At age 4, full day programming is available, up to five days per week.  Transportation options are available and can be explored when each individual student's educational plan is developed.

North Oakview Elementary offers a Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) preschool classroom.  This classroom provides an opportunity for preschool children to spend time within a larger general education classroom with typical hearing peers.  This option allows students to apply the speech, language, and listening skills that they have learned in their smaller DHH classroom in a larger classroom setting with support from DHH staff members.


Grades kindergarten through 5th are housed at North Oakview Elementary.  This provides students with opportunities to developed a personalized education plan that combines opportunities to have support in a DHH classroom as well as the general education classroom.  

Resident School Districts

A primary goal of the Kent ISD Oral Deaf Program is to prepare students to be mainstreamed into their resident school district when they are ready.  The program has Teacher Consultants (TC) that support our students in their home district.  The role of the Teacher Consultant is to provide support and knowledge about teaching a DHH student to the general education teacher.  The TC travels to each district and can provide support directly to the student to help them obtain specific learning goals.  Students will also have access to technology that they may need to be successful in the classroom such as a FM system.

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