Alan was born with a moderate-to-severe hearing loss in both ears.  When he was only two months old, he began wearing hearing aids and was enrolled in the Grand Rapids Oral Deaf program.  Now three-years-old,  Alan attends the Oral Deaf school, five days a week, three hours a day, to learn to listen and speak.  He’s a future Forest Hills Public Schools student.
1353 Van Auken SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49508  (616) 819-3070
Meet Kendall, following one of her cochlear implant surgeries.  In 2010, Kendall completed her 5th year in the program, and  attended the Grandville Public Schools part-time.  Presently, she attend the Grandville Public Schools fulltime.  “Our entire family has been amazed at the education we have received.  I say ‘we’ because this is truly a team effort. The staff has done as much to educate me and my wife, as they have to educate Kendall.”  Chris Wiseman
Mackenzie was born profoundly deaf.  When she turned 1-year-old, she received simultaneous bilateral cochlear implants.  She began the Oral Deaf program at 9 months old, and today attends school regularly.  Now two-years-old, she loves singing the alphabet song and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”  She’s a future Byron Center Schools student.
Caitlynn was born with normal hearing, but soon after her 4-year-old check up, and numerous tests with audiologists and ENTs, the family learned that Caitlynn had a profound hearing loss.  "We investigated local programs that could help Caitlynn, and found the Grand Rapids Oral Deaf Program.  It's been a true blessing."  The program arranged for "loaner" hearing aids before she was implanted with her cochlear implants.  Now five-years-old, she attends a half-day kindergarten in a regular school and half day kindergarten at the Oral Deaf school.  After two years in the program, Caitlynn will be fully mainstreamed in 2011.  "We know that without the Grand Rapids Oral Deaf program we could not have made it through this ongoing journey."