Early Intervention
Early Intervention services are provided to families in their home for students from birth to 2 years old. Highly qualified staff partner with parents to guide and coach them in facilitating listening and spoken language for their children. Using Auditory Verbal Strategies and Techniques, parents become their child's primary teacher throughout the daily routines of their lives.

Children beginning at age 2 are provided with a continuum of service options within a school setting. Half day programming, up to 5 days per week is available for our 2 & 3 year olds. Programming decisions are made with the family in order to provide optimum benefit for the child. Classroom staff create environments designed to provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere for developing a “listening attitude” for future learning. At age 4, full day programming is available, up to 5 days per week. There is also a general education preschool classroom available at this age to provide mainstreaming opportunities with typical hearing peers. As children become more sophisticated at listening to softer sounds, they also need to begin to experience larger group settings in which to apply the speech, language and listening skills they have developed in the HI classroom. This type of programming is supported by the HI classroom teacher in helping the student learn the skills needed to be mainstreamed full time in their neighborhood school.

Grades K-5 are housed at Shawnee Park Elementary School. Our program shares the building with a Math Science Technology Academy within the Grand Rapids Public School District. Our student-teacher ratio is one teacher to seven students. General Education and modified curriculum are used at these levels. The Shawnee Math Science Technology Academy provides mainstreaming opportunities for students K-5th grade, when appropriate.

A primary goal of the Grand Rapids Oral Deaf Program is to prepare students to be mainstreamed into their neighborhood school when they are ready. The GROD Program has a record of mainstreaming over 75% of their students into their neighborhood schools by the age of six.  The program is located in a regular education elementary school, offering on-site opportunities for mainstreaming from preschool through later elementary grades. It is estimated the GROD Program saves taxpayers more than $1 million dollars every year in special education expenditures through early mainstreaming.

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