Grand Rapids Oral Deaf Program has been committed to helping children who are deaf or hard of hearing develop spoken language and literacy through listening since the late 1970's. We are a public school center base program and have focused on education, guidance, advocacy and support for families since that time.
Each year, we work toward infusing Auditory-Verbal Practices to a greater degree within our program. We have had many Auditory-Verbal Therapists over the past 30 years provide professional development to our staff. Presenters included Warren Estabrooks, Carol Flexer, David Sindrey, Ellen Rhoades and Ashley Garber. We have a full time, on-site Audiologist and a H.I. Certified Supervisor. We service children and their families from birth through 25 years of age. Presently, there are 60 students in our Center-Base Program and we provide Teacher Consultant Direct Services to 105 students who are in their mainstream school throughout 20 local school districts. Thirty-five of the 60 Center-Base students are Cochlear Implant users and six of those 35 students have Bilateral Implants. We meet monthly with our local implant center team to discuss children's progress in listening and spoken language. Appropriate amplification and personal FM usage is standard throughout our program.

We guide and coach parents in a variety of ways to help them gain confidence that their children will have access to the wide range of choices in all aspects of life. We provide educational meetings, support meetings for moms, couples, siblings and grand parents. A critical component in guiding and coaching parents is "Triangle Time". Triangle Time is scheduled at least monthly with parents for one hour. This is our way of trying to duplicate an Auditory-Verbal session where the teacher, parent and child meet, and the teacher is focused on coaching the parents in becoming effective facilitators of their child's listening and spoken language development.

The Grand Rapids Oral Deaf Program was selected as the National Alexander Graham Bell Association's (AGB) Program of the Year in 1979 and in 1997.

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