Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy
For those students who have physical needs in addition to hearing loss, physical therapy services and occupational services are provided by highly qualified and trained staff. Physical Therapists provide intervention for students whose deficits in large muscle movement interfere with their learning and ability to function within the school setting. Occupational Therapists provide intervention for students whose deficits in small muscle movement prevent learning and functioning within the school setting. Amount and type of service is determined through evaluation and agreement with the parent during the Individual Education Planning (IEP) meeting. Services may include 1:1 direct service outside of classroom, direct service within the classroom, consultation to the teacher in helping to accomplish goals written in the IEP, and monitoring to check periodically student's progress and status of ability. Both PT and OT work with concerns around sensory integration for children as well.

Onsite Audiologist
Routinely conducting hearing tests is vital to successful auditory verbal programs.  We pride ourselves of having an audiologist on staff available practically 24/7 for our students, families and staff.  Our audiologist can conduct tympanograms on students to check for middle ear pressure and our audiologist communicates regularly with each students' primary care physician, pediatrician and ENT.  The audiologist also makes sure that all the children's hearing equipment is working properly and can assist with replacement and loaner parts when needed. We also have a hearing booth testing facility right at the school and the audiologist continues to check children's audiograms throughout the ear to make sure there hasn't been any more hearing loss.  The audiologist works with hearing aid representatives and cochlear implant manufacturers to make sure the students, staff and program have all the latest and greatest technology available.

Counseling and Onsite Social Worker
School social workers have worked in schools for over 100 years and help children, adolescents and families. Our school social worker holds a Master of Social Work degree and has an education background in special education.  Our school social worker brings unique knowledge and skills to the school system and the student support services team. She is instrumental in furthering the purpose of the schools - to provide a setting for teaching, learning, and for the attainment of competence and confidence.  Our social worker works with staff in providing family support meetings, sibling support meetings and other events throughout the year.

Additional Services
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